I construct figurative emotions, feelings that are generically human, rather than tied to a story, images that are absolute and yet open to interpretation. My figures are faceless, unspecific, with an anonymity that allows the onlooker to impose him or herself more readily. They are placed in situations where they interact, sometimes with inanimate objects, sometimes animals, to create an unwritten narrative that reflects vulnerability or emotion.  I often make multiples so that the sculptures can be arranged, the spaces between them once again suggesting both their - strictly related - physical and emotional states. 

I work in a nearly random, always experimental way, using pieces of cut wood. These building blocks are three sided curves and circles, carved on a band saw to be quickly assembled, and frequently disassembled, during the process of finding a particular form. Here my theme is that of encounters, relationships between two people of the opposite sex. My sculptural technique has grown from my drawing, the curves containing the same immediacy as a bold pencil sketch. My process is continued until I achieve the right combination of anatomical physicality, body language and overall emotional charge. The finished pieces, cast in bronze, might seem at first to reflect figurative sculpture movements of the early twentieth century (like the Futurists or Vorticists), but they are not really inspired by any of them.  Actually, my beginnings are located in anatomical study, and in my broad knowledge of a longer history of art.




1984-7  Courtauld Institute, University of London
1989 -91   Sir John Cass School of Art, London
1991 Department of Anatomy, University College, London



2001 Vertigo Gallery, London
2003 McHardy Sculpture Company, London
2004 Stella von Boch, London
2006 Stella von Boch, Wiesbaden and London
2007 Sladmore Gallery, London
2008 Galerie Cymaise, Paris
2009 Stella von Boch, Wiesbaden
2010 Sladmore Gallery, London
2011 Millinery Works, London
Southwark Cathedral
2012 Sladmore Gallery, London
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford – group show
Victoria Gallery, Bath – group show
Gloucester Cathedral
2013 Graham, New York
‘Landscape’ – group show Millinery Works, London
Big Deal – group show Cavendish Square underground car park
2014  Chinese Open – group show Chinatown, London
Sladmore Gallery, London
De Re Gallery, Los Angeles
Artist in residence, British Wrestling Association
2015  Chinese Open – group show, Chinatown, London
2016  Be Mine! – Valentine’s exhibition, Sladmore Contemporary
Conrad Hotel, Faro, Portugal with Art Catto
2017  Personal Structures – group show, Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale
Tre Posti – Pieve di Teco, Liguria    




1991 Owen-Rowley Sculpture Prize, John Cass School of Art
2007 The Sculpture Prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum – Inspired by the
Human Form – The Founders’ Award



2004 The Way the Land Lies – installation at Burghley House
Leapfrog - Cumberland Hotel, London
Adam and Eve – The Old Zoo, Lancashire
2005 Stag – Brockhall Village, Lancashire
Walking the Dog - RBS Centenary Exhibition, Leicester Botanic Gardens
“If you believe in me…” Unicorn Children’s Theatre, London
2007 Mother and Child – John Lewis, Cambridge
Turning Man – Worshipful Company of Founders
2008 Diana and Hounds – private client
2009 Francis Cator Memorial weather vane, Norfolk
Minotaur – private client, San Francisco
Cartwheel – Woburn Abbey
2010 2012 Olympic judo sculpture – ArtattheEdge
2011 Large Cartwheel – Moscow
2012 Football, Soccer, Sprint, Ice Hockey - NBC sports news, Connecticut
Bird I – Panasonic
2013 Bull – Heston Blumenthall
Diver – Connaught Hotel, London
2014 Minotaur Medal - British Museum, London
Variable Landscape – collection Sir Michael Hopkins
Monkey installation - Sladmore Contemporary
2015 Horse – Principal Hotel, Manchester
Ink of the Scholar – medal for the British Art Medal Society
Abstract in response to National Theatre – Buro Four
2016 Dive – Benyon Memorial Garden, Royal Berkshire Hospital
River Gods, Philadelphia
2017 Pool Boys, Germany



2015 The Space between Us – book of drawings